Mobile Dog Grooming

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Mobile Dog Grooming

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Our Services

Dog Bathing


All dogs are bathed in WARM water heated by our gas geysers and dried with WARM blow dryers.

Dog Brushing


All dogs get a thorough coat brush-out to get rid of excess hair and limit shedding - especially double coated dogs!

Dog Styling


Professional Clipping and Styling your dog according to breed standard or stripping for the summer heat.

Dog Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is included. It is important to keep the nails trimmed regularly before they become an issue and cant be trimmed at all.

Dog Ears and Teeth

Ears & Teeth

Ear Cleaning and Teeth Brushing is included in the service. This is not scaling as done by a vet - regular teeth brushing is important

Dog General Check

General Check

During grooming staff will report to us if they find any lumps, bumps, cuts etc. that might have gone unnoticed under certain coats.

We're in it for the dogs!

Our Staff Love Dogs!

Our staff have all been specifically selected because of their love for dogs. It’s not just a job for them!

They are all highly trained and experienced in handling all type of dogs from bouncy young puppies that won’t sit still to sickly old and stiff dogs, dogs just recovering from surgery and the super geriatrics that find it difficult to stand on their own.

They have all spent a lot of time grooming dogs at the SPCA and other rescue places like Barking Mad and Woodrock so they are very experienced in handling the nervous rescue dog.

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Cat Mobile Grooming

PS we bath and
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